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Bridged Media is a leading video agency based in Leeds, that uses the power of video to solve real world problems.

Fowler & Powell Brand Video

Challenge: Fowler and Powell wanted to differentiate themselves from their competition as well as show what lengths they go to in order to provide a top quality experience for their clients

Solution: We worked with them to create a Brand Video that focused on explaining that they truly understand the value of communication and what lengths they go to make their clients properties truly stand out. Finally we added testimonial content to provide the social proof that they are exactly who they say they are.

Result: Fowler and Powell now use this video in all first communications through their website, emails and social media pages. It plays a vital role in separating clients who value a bespoke experience.

Weavers Court Brand Video

Challenge: Adore Care Group faced the challenge of introducing their new luxury care facility, Weavers Court in Leeds, to the market and promoting it as the perfect new home for residents.

Solution: We developed a Brand Video that highlighted the key features of Weavers Court and showcased the exceptional care provided by Adore Care Group. The video not only showcased the luxurious facilities of the care home, but also emphasized the quality of care provided by the staff. By showcasing the facility and the exceptional care provided, the video communicated the unique benefits of Weavers Court to prospective residents and their families.

Result: The Brand Video was highly effective in generating interest among prospective residents and their families. It was instrumental in motivating new home visits, and resulted in new residents moving in. Adore Care Group now uses the video as a key component of their marketing strategy, leveraging it across all social platforms and sending it to all new inquiries. The video has helped Adore Care Group establish Weavers Court as the perfect new home for residents and has been a key driver of their success.

Deco-Pak Promotional Video

Challenge: Deco-Pak, a family-run business in the garden retail industry, needed to showcase their understanding of their customers' needs and explain why their services and products were the perfect fit for retailers across the country.

Solution: To address this challenge, we created a brand video that highlighted the people behind Deco-Pak and how they provide personalized service for each of their customers.

Result: Deco-Pak now uses their promotional video in all their online communications, which has helped to build trust with new customers during the on-boarding process. This video has been a valuable asset for Deco-Pak, as it reinforces their commitment to their customers and their unique approach to the garden retail industry.

Broadgate Chiropractic Clinic - Brand Story Video

Challenge: Broadgate Chiropractic needed an effective way to communicate to potential customers that their chiropractic care services can safely and effectively alleviate their pain in a relaxing environment.

Solution: To address this challenge, we created a Brand Story Video that educates potential customers about the diagnosis and treatment process at Broadgate. Through this video, customers can learn about the team of professionals at Broadgate, which helps them feel familiar and comfortable before even picking up the phone to schedule an appointment.

Result: Broadgate now utilizes their brand story video in all their initial communications, improving their online sales process and reception team's ability to build trust and put potential customers at ease. This video has been instrumental in improving the effectiveness of their sales process, as it highlights their expertise, and underscores their commitment to providing safe, relaxing and effective chiropractic care services.

Callum Capabilities - Micro Content

Callum Design is Design Agency led by Ian Callum OBE with a focus on providing exceptional design, engineering and production capabilities for it's clients.

They required 3 short form video's to briefly demonstrate the main capabilities Callum provides and use this content throughout it's the brands communication systems.

SALT X Seven Clean Seas - The Final Straw, Ocean Saving Pale Ale - Promotional Video

Every single year 11 million metric tons of plastic enter our marine ecosystems. By 2040 that will increase to almost 29 metric tons so SALT Brewery have teamed up with Seven Clean Seas to create an ocean saving pale ale.

To fully explain that partnership and get people excited, we created a promotional video that educates audience on the mission of Seven Clean Sea's and then how they can get involved by buying this delicious pale ale and contribute to cleaning our ocean's .

Westfield Junior School - Brand Story Video

Challenge: Westfield Junior sought a solution to demonstrate their caring and joyful school environment to pupils and build trust with parents and the community.

Solution: To address this challenge, we created a Brand Video that emphasized the teachers' commitment to caring for each student. We included social proof by incorporating testimonials from parents and pupils to showcase the school's ability to create a secure and happy learning environment.

Result: The final video impressed the heads of faculty, who remarked, "This is exactly what we want parents to know about our school." Our Brand Video succeeded in demonstrating Westfield Junior's caring and joyful school environment to pupils and building trust with parents and the community.

Fisterra Co - Brand Story Video

Jen is a transformation coach who helps leaders in the corporate world create positive cultural changes in their work force. Her challenge was to communicate how her process is unique and to make sure prospects are the right fit for her programmes.

Idea: We conducted an interview over a morning that delved deep into her 'why' and then filmed aspects of her process.

Response: Seeing her Brand Story Video for the first time brought Jen to tears. She said it was 'absolutely perfect' and that any prospect seeing this would say 'I want this'.

Use: Website, Social Media and Prospecting.

Wadsworth Branding - Brand Story Video

With this Brand Story Video we created a powerful introduction to the Leeds based design agency, Wadsworth Branding. See how they have saved time, nurtured customer loyalty and increased revenue for small and medium enterprises in Leeds, and all across the globe through "big business" brand strategy and brand identity design.

The strategy for this video is to be used in all pre sale conversations through website/email/network use.

SALT : The Story Behind The Beer - Brand Story Video

SALT is a micro brewery with one purpose: to create pleasure through beer –

The team at Bridged Media worked with SALT to produce a Brand Story Video that revealed the story of SALT, explain its mission, and get people excited about trying world class craft beer.

SALT // Ad

SALT Beer factory required a social media Ad that stopped people in their tracks, got their thirst buds quenching and led people to buy directly from their web store.

We created this Ad from footage we had already captured during our brand video shoot, therefore utilizing more content from one production.

One Lampton // Ad

We worked with One Lampton residency to create a content plan for their social media accounts and website, that highlighted the unique facilities and features of their apartments. This is one example of how having a furry friend is totally encouraged.

The strategy for the content plan would be to utilize all content through their website, sales pages and social pages to highlight the features residents can expect before viewing.

Primal Edge // Promotional Video

The team at Primal Edge are not messing around when it comes to fitness. They are geared toward helping people be the strongest version of themselves and have outfitted their gym to accommodate strength training at its very best.

We created this promotional video to highlight that energy.

The strategy behind this video asset is to be used on promotional material, website and social use, so at first contact with the brand any customer can understand the culture behind Primal Edge.

Granite Morgan Smith Accountancy // Ad

We worked with Granite Morgan Smith Accountancy to create a short Ad to be used as a social media campaign.

The purpose was to highlight key services GMS has to offer, and its people first approach.

We utilized stock footage, graphic animation and text overlays to put together an Ad that clearly communicates their approach to solving their clients problems.

We then handed the video asset off to our social media partners who managed the social media campaign.

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