Let's bridge the gap between you and your ideal customer.

Helping your ideal customers truly get who you are and what you do can be an uphill battle. They don't just expect top-quality service or competitive products. They want to trust you, to get to know you before they part with a penny.

Creative Video Production

Have you ever considered working with a creative video agency to help boost your marketing appeal?

What about hiring an explainer video company to break down complex products or services?

Video Marketing Agency

At Bridged Media, we bridge the gap between you and those who need you the most - through exciting, inspiring, and relatable video content.

We’re a video marketing agency Leeds businesses - and those based all over the country - turn to for engaging first impressions.

Watch Our Video Business Card

How can video help my business thrive?

Creating your own promotional video allows you to show your very best self. That critical first impression can speak volumes about your values, your story, and how you’d love to change the world for the better.

You may already ask yourself the following questions:

- What is it that I love about my work?

- What makes me unique?

- What inspires people to reach out to me?

It's healthy not to know all of the answers.

With an appealing video business card, you'll create a stunning first impression that provides customers with the trust they crave - again and again.

We help business owners to build that confidence before their customers pick up the phone. We will help you create wonderful experiences for your clients that change their worlds - and help them to make up their minds.

Show your customers the real you.

Modern commercial videography is all about sharing genuine stories and experiences. Real people want to buy from other real people!

To make a genuine impact on people’s lives, you need to be more than just a name, more than just a logo. They want faces, stories, and personalities.

Traditional marketing only goes so far. The future of personable, trustworthy marketing revolves around video - and it’s crucial for connecting with the best people for your business.

How we can help you

Every project is likely to be slightly different - but here’s what you can expect from our team.

Getting to know you

Video Marketing Agency

We want to know all about you. What inspires you to run your business? What would you like to achieve in the years to come?

Throughout our discovery process, we'll create a plan of action that explores who you are and why your customers should sit up and listen. We ask questions that genuinely matter.

Let’s start rolling

Video Production Services

When you’re happy to move forward, it’s time for the fun part - creating your video content!

We work with you to create authentic, custom video productions that show off the best you have to offer. We understand time is money, too - and we'll streamline the process around your needs.

The finishing touches

Video Content Creation

Don’t worry - we don’t just pass your videos over and leave you to it!

Our video agency in Leeds will continue to work with you to ensure your final video content is the right fit for your marketing plan. We’ll help you find the best avenues for your reel, making sure the best people see it.

What Our Clients Say

Who we have helped

Ready to show your customers who you are?

Bridged Media's Leeds video agency helps businesses up and down the UK - and overseas - reach customers who delight in their services.

If you’re ready to bridge that gap, we want to hear from you!

Simply fill out our web form with a few quick details, and we’ll book a free 30-minute discovery call to get started. It’s time to make a resounding first impression - time and time again.


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